Electrical Services in Mackay


We want to be your electrician. Therefore making sure you, as the customer, get want you want is the focus of our electrical services in Mackay. We take workplace health and safety seriously and follow work method statements. We conduct risk assessments at every job we undertake and at every stage of each job.

Catto Electrical employs electricians that provide superior results! Our electricians are fully trained and qualified to install, repair and maintain or operate electrical equipment, electrical wiring and circuitry. Not only does Catto Electrical install and design electricity options for your home, our electricians are specially trained for domestic electrical jobs, commercial jobs, and industrial and office jobs. So if you need professional electrical work in Mackay, call Catto Electrical.

Our service will prove to you that you finally have the Mackay electrician you've always needed!

Electrical Rewiring


Catto Electrical, your professional electrical company in Mackay, can help with complete home rewiring, or just partial rewiring. Sometimes you may find that when you turn on a kettle, or an iron, the power goes off in all or part of the home. Our staff can help determine if it's a faulty product or the electrical wiring in your home is causing the problem. We are experts in rewiring, and only use the best copper wiring to ensure the safety of your home. If it's rewiring you need, Catto Electrical can do it.
Wires — Electrical Services in Mackay, QLD

On Site Electrician Services


Catto Electrical will send an electrician out to your home or site, in a timely manner. If we say we will be at your venue, we promise to arrive at the allocated time, not 4 hours later. Depending on your problem, we can either complete the job straight away if it is a small task, or give you a quote for the work. Call our electrical company at Mackay today to get your free, no obligation quote.

For all of your electrical work in Mackay and surrounding areas, contact Catto Electrical. We can help you with all electrical services.

Electrical Appliance Installation


There are all types of things we now rely on to make our lives easier, some are simple to just plug in and use, like an iron, while others can be quite complicated, like your computer. Catto Electrical can help you get your larger electrical goods and appliances installed and ready to use. Electrical goods can include your TV, home theatre system, air-conditioning units, alarms, and smoke detectors. Catto Electrical can also install all your white goods, including your fridge, stove, dishwasher, oven, washing machine and dryer.

Emergency Electrical Repairs


There are some small jobs around the home that you can safely fix yourself, such as changing a light bulb or tube, or replacing a fuse. But the majority of electrical repairs need a qualified electrical contractor to perform them in a safe and secure approach. Our contractors can repair your appliances, safety switches, circuit breakers, surge protectors and more, with a fixed quote before the work is carried out. Don't risk your safety or your family's safety - call Catto Electrical for all your repair jobs, and a licensed contractor will be there as soon as possible.

New Build, Alterations & Repair


When building your dream home, you'll be more focused on the look and feel of the place rather than the wiring behind the walls. Geoff Catto Electrical can make sure your new home is electrically sound, and has all the requirements you need. Our licensed contractors can assist with installing lighting, ceiling fans, smoke detectors, phone and data lines, air-conditioning, bathroom heating and lighting, exhaust fans, circuit boards, three-way switches, junction boxes, outdoor power points and back-up generators. Our contractors are also experienced in performing shopfront fit-outs, installing illuminated signage including neon & LED, and routine electrical maintenance on commercial and industrial properties.

Telecommunication Cabling


All cabling work is undertaken by our contractors with an Open Cabler's Licence. Our contractors are qualified to perform category 5 (Ethernet), coaxial and optic fibre cabling. Our contractors can also provide installation of cable pathways for ducting, trays and conduits, along with installation of data cabinets, patch panels, power rails and cable minders. Whether you need a single phone line for your home, or multiple data and phone lines for your business, the team at Catto Electrical can help you.

Safety Inspections/Testing & Tagging


When you're buying a property, you want to make sure it's not a lemon before you sign on the dotted line. The team at Catto Electrical can carry out an inspection of the property to make sure there are no hidden electrical problems. We will also supply you with a Certificate of Electrical Safety, detailing any potential issues. Our contractors will thoroughly inspect the property inside out, including the property's power supply. We can also test and tag all your fixed and non-fixed appliances and electrical equipment, to ensure they are safe for you and your family to use. Don't take the risk with electricity - get your property inspected and your equipment tested.

Hot Water System Installation & Repair


The last thing you want on a cold morning is to find out your hot water is on the fritz. Our contractors can help get your electrical hot water system back up and running in no time. The two most common issues with hot water systems are sacrificial anodes and tempering valves.

Sacrificial anodes are installed on all hot water systems to minimise rusting and extend the life of your hot water system. Our contractors will quickly replace your sacrificial anodes to make sure you are not without hot water for long.

Tempering valves are now legally required on all new or renovated buildings, as they monitor the temperature of the water being used, ensuring you don't get scalded. A tempering valve can be easily fitted by our contractors to safeguard your hot water system against scalding accidents. Our licensed contractors can also install your hot water system and ensure it is working efficiently for you.

Commercial Electrical Work


At Catto Electrical, we do all commercial electrical work. Our licensed contractors are experienced in new construction projects and installation and refurbishment of retail spaces. We also perform ongoing maintenance and can test and tag your tools with minimal disruption for your business. We pride ourselves on the ability to swiftly respond to a client's electrical emergency. In order to appropriately restore your service safely and economically, we offer the following services:
  • Back-up generators for power outages
  • Machinery breakdowns
  • Fault finding
  • Green energy alternatives
  • Testing and tagging for compliance
  • Maintenance and testing of all electrical items within your business
Catto Electrical contractors always aim to complete commercial projects on time and on budget, with the customer's safety as our primary concern.

Switchboard & Mains Upgrades


The risk of an electrical fire is much higher if your switchboard does not have a safety switch. If you are renovating, you may need to have a switchboard upgrade to prevent your switchboard from overloading.